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December 1, 2023

Attention: Court Saves Tax on Single-Use Plastics Set in the Tax

El Tiempo

Tax attorney Juan Pablo Díaz was mentioned in an article for El Tiempo about the Constitutional Court's decision to declare the tax on single-use plastics contemplated in Colombia's tax reform enforceable. The article goes on to explain why the court decided the tax is enforceable, citing laws that reinforce the claim that it coincides within its regulatory context. Mr. Díaz emphasized how this tax can safeguard the environment and health of Colombia's environmental policy and recent international standards.

“For companies that have maintained this tax, what it implies is only an environmental contribution under their corporate social policies. However, we must indicate that the fact that this tax continues to be applied to companies will represent higher production costs and that, indirectly, these costs end up being transferred to consumers of products packaged, packaged or packaged in single-use plastics," he said.

READ: Attention: Court Saves Tax on Single-Use Plastics Set in the Tax

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