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March 5, 2024

Women in Auto Retail: Driven to Succeed


Automotive Retail and Dealerships Co-Leader Sarah Seedig was featured in a Q&A with Jason Smith, head of Truist Dealer Commercial Services. Ms. Seedig talked about her journey in the automotive retail industry alongside Stacey Gillman, president of Gillman Automotive Group, and Jodi Kippe, managing partner at accounting and advisory firm Crowe. They discussed the challenges they've encountered, their vision for the industry's future and the need for increasing diversity. Ms. Seeding highlighted how the traditionally male-dominated automotive industry is changing, but emphasized the need for further progress in diversity and inclusion.

"Women make up a large percentage of the overall workforce but are still underrepresented in management and executive positions. As women such as Mary Barra at General Motors and Lisa Drake at Ford crack the glass ceiling, it’s easier for women to see themselves rising in the ranks," she explained.

Ms. Seeding spoke about the importance of a good mentor in providing a supportive workplace environment for women.

"I think women often leave jobs — or even careers — when the workplace environment is unsupportive or isolating. I am fortunate that my mentor has always really listened to me and helped me adapt to changing circumstances, both personal and professional, so that I’ve felt supported and connected," she said.

Ms. Seeding also discussed strategies for improving the industry, including actively hiring and supporting women, looking for opportunities to amplify the voices of underrepresented populations and promoting more women in management roles.

READ: Women in Auto Retail: Driven to Succeed

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