Press Release
November 8, 2017

Holland & Knight Partner Stuart Saft Honored by New York’s Center for an Urban Future

NEW YORK (November 8, 2017) – Holland & Knight Partner Stuart Saft was recognized by the Center for an Urban Future for his accomplishments as one of New York’s preeminent attorneys and civic leaders at the group’s annual gala on November 2. Mr. Saft is the leader of the firm’s New York Real Estate Practice Group.

In honoring Mr. Saft, the Center cited his service on New York’s Workforce Investment Board, which he chaired for more than a decade, and his role in developing new workforce programs for those who lost jobs after 9/11. It also noted his achievements as chair of the board of the National Cooperative Bank, which included insuring that New York’s housing and business cooperatives had access to capital and helping to pass legislation giving condominiums important new options in financing repairs.

The other honorees were Toby Moskovits, founder and president of Heritage Equity Partners and developer of several major real estate projects across the city, including 25 Kent in Williamsburg, one of the first new commercial developments in Brooklyn; Rose Associates chairman Daniel Rose, who pioneered the development of Manhattan Plaza into affordable housing for New Yorkers working in the performing arts; and former New York housing commissioner Mathew Wambua, president of Richmac Funding and a leader in affordable housing.

About the Center for an Urban Future: The Center for an Urban Future is a leading New York City-based think tank that generates smart and sustainable policies to create jobs, reduce inequality and help lower-income residents climb into the middle class. Its work has been a powerful catalyst for policy change in New York and serves as an invaluable resource for government officials, community groups, nonprofit practitioners and business leaders as they advocate for and implement policies to address some of the city’s biggest challenges and opportunities.

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