December 14, 2022

Podcast - Both Sides of the Aisle: Education Policy Agenda in the 118th Congress

Eyes on Washington Podcast Series, Post-Election Special Series
Lauren Maddox and Shawna Watley

In this post-election special edition episode of our Public Policy & Regulation Group's "The Eyes on Washington" podcast series, Senior Policy Advisors Lauren Maddox and Shawna Watley discuss the future of education policy following the midterm elections. With the Republicans gaining control in the House, Ms. Maddox outlines who is expected to lead the Committee on Education and Labor and what key agenda items will be a focus for the party. She also explains the ways in which the shift in power may affect how the Committee functions. Ms. Watley follows up with an update from the Democratic perspective, as that party will maintain control in the Senate. She discusses key pieces of legislation that will remain top of mind for Democrats, including student loan reform and forgiveness, funding for the CHIPS Act and grant opportunities for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). They conclude their conversation by highlighting where Republican and Democrat priorities overlap and where bipartisan progress can be made in the 118th Congress. 

*Please note: information regarding Congresswoman Virginia Foxx's waiver has changed since the time of recording. 

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