April 5, 2023

Podcast: Discussing Florida Tort Reform with William Large and Tiffany Roddenberry

Florida Capital Conversations Podcast Series

In the 15th episode of our "Florida Capital Conversations" podcast series William Large, President of the Florida Justice Reform Institute (FJRI), and Tiffany Roddenberry, Holland & Knight attorney, discuss Florida tort reform by way of House Bill (HB) 837. Recently passed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis, HB 837 aims to protect businesses, property owners and corporations from paying excessive damages in lawsuits. Mr. Large explains that tort reform, or lawsuit abuse reform, is designed to make the civil justice system or fair and equitable for all citizens and not push the scales in favor of either plaintiffs or defendants. This conversation focuses on key sections of the bill and describes the expected implications across the state of Florida.

This Tallahassee-based podcast series takes a look at the many different aspects of state and local government through the lens of experienced legal professionals. Hosted by attorneys Nate Adams, Mia McKown and Brent Cooper, these candid conversations offer a seat at the table to everyone who listens.

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