Understanding the New FAR Integrity Reporting Requirements: Pitfalls for the Unwary

National Contract Management Association
February 10, 2009

Richard Duvall and David Black, partners in Holland & Knight's Government Contracts practice group, will present a program on Understanding the New FAR Integrity Reporting Requirements sponsored by the National Contract Management Association, Tysons Chapter.

This program is designed to teach and help companies involved in Federal contracting or subcontracting to understand the new FAR requirements, when they apply, and how to comply with them in a cost-effective manner when they do.  Instructors will identify key issues and concerns with this regulatory change and offer valuable tips and information regarding how to establish effective practices and procedures to help protect your company against this new exposure.

Attendees will learn:

  1. Which contracts and subcontracts are covered by the reporting obligation;
  2. Which legal violations must be reported and which need not be reported;
  3. How much time does a contractor or subcontractor have to report a covered violation to the Government;
  4. Procedures a contractor should follow to determine if a violation needs to be reported; and
  5. Practices to minimize the risk of suspension/debarment in the event of an inadvertent failure to report a violation.

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