Plan Your Exit from Business Ownership: An Exclusive Seminar for Business Owners and their Advisors

Holland & Knight Program, Tampa, FL
February 4, 2010
Holland & Knight
100 North Tampa Street, Suite 4100
Tampa, FL 33602

Plan Your Exit from Business Ownership

Whether you want to exit your business in six months or six years, the proper strategies need to be formulated and executed. This factual and hard-hitting 5-hour program with seasoned professionals will give you the information you need for a successful exit and/or transfer.


  • Structure your business for a successful exit
  • How to continue to grow and/or maintain normal business operations
  • Deal with confidentiality issues
  • Receive maximum value for your business
  • Know the types of buyers and their value drivers
  • How to sell or transfer to family or key employees
  • What’s next for you and your leadership team
  • Avoid tax and legal pitfalls in the process


      Chris Curtin, Bankers Advocate
      Noel Boeke, Holland & Knight
      William Lane, Holland & Knight
      Rolfe Arnhym, Vistage

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