Health Care Reform: The Impact on Hospitals, Health Systems and Related Institutional Providers

Holland & Knight Webinar
June 7, 2010

The recently enacted Affordable Care Act will set in motion dramatic changes in the healthcare landscape. Hospitals, health systems and related institutional providers will be at the center of this whirlwind, navigating a substantial and unprecedented growth in Medicaid participation, major cuts and reordering of payments under Medicare, dramatic changes in the private health insurance marketplace, the regulation of insurers and their interplay with providers, a raft of new transparency and regulatory requirements, and complex initiatives to reinvent and innovate within the healthcare delivery system.

The webinar will focus on assisting institutional providers to better understand the implications of the shifting landscape and how to prepare to respond to these changes at a regulatory, legislative and institutional management level.


Robert Bradner | Healthcare & Life Sciences Partner

Kate Leeson | Healthcare & Life Sciences Senior Policy Advisor

Ellen Riker | Healthcare & Life Sciences Senior Policy Advisor

Lisa Tofil | Healthcare & Life Sciences Partner

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