Update on the Fiscal Cliff

Holland & Knight Webinar
January 23, 2013
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM ET

Public Policy & Regulation Chair Rich Gold, and Partners Rob Bradner and David Whitestone, will participate in a Holland & Knight webinar titled "Update on the Fiscal Cliff."

Mr. Gold, Mr. Bradner and Mr. Whitestone will discuss what the American Taxpayer Relief Act sets into motion and what will happen next. The last minute, year-end negotiations to forestall the "fiscal cliff" provided for significant permanent changes to the tax code but only a short-term reprieve from a host of other budgetary challenges. Most of those key fiscal issues remain front and center with Congress and the president as we start the new year with the 113th Congress and the second term of the Obama administration. Join us to review the major provisions of the year-end deal, the new and immediate challenges related to revenues, entitlements, appropriations and the debt ceiling, and the likely path forward in addressing those problems.

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