Labor and Employment Law Seminar

Holland & Knight Program
CLE Available, Seminar
November 12, 2014
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT
Holland & Knight
131 South Dearborn Street
30th Floor
Chicago, IL

Please join us for a complimentary seminar with presentations on important labor and employment law issues from Holland & Knight's labor, employment and benefits attorneys. The guest presenter will be Peter Sung Ohr, the Regional Director of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Chicago Regional Office (Region 13).

This interactive seminar will benefit clients from a wide range of industries.

Topics and Presenters

Attorney-Client Privilege and Ethics in the Employment Setting: Use It or Lose It

Understanding the attorney-client privilege is key to creating a culture that maintains its protections. Whether the privilege applies is a factor that will affect the employer's ability to communicate openly with counsel, conduct effective internal investigations and successfully manage litigation. Dayna Underhill and Trisha Rich will focus on the essential elements of privilege and related issues, including identification of who is the "client," protecting against inadvertent waivers of privilege and how to manage these issues within the context of internal investigations. This presentation will also explore real-life hypotheticals where attorney-client privilege was waived, the effect this had on the situation and how waiver could have been prevented.

What's New At the NLRB

Peter Sung Ohr will address recent developments under the National Labor Relations Act. He will focus on issues that affect all employers, union and nonunion, including the legality of work rules and other personnel policies. He will also provide tips on how to effectively deal with the Regional Office when confronted with a union election petition or unfair labor practice charge.

Human Resources' Role in Protecting Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

Protecting trade secrets and other confidential information is becoming increasingly difficult. With the proliferation of technology, sensitive information can be maintained, transferred or accessed via personal devices, personal email or storage accounts in the cloud, or remotely. Human resources can play a key role in keeping sensitive information safe. Kenneth Jenero will discuss best practices for employers to follow from the inception of the employment relationship through termination. This session will address the use of confidentiality agreements, employment policies, audits and termination procedures to take full advantage of the protections afforded by state and federal law.

Pregnancy in the Workplace

Andrew Fiske and Adam Young will discuss employee pregnancy and maternity rights. Specific topics will include recent amendments to the Illinois Human Rights Act, pregnancy discrimination under federal law, pregnancy-related disability accommodation and breastfeeding rights.


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