Doing Business in Sanctions "No Man's" Land

Thomson Reuters Complimentary Webcast
October 8, 2015
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Attorneys Jonathan Epstein and Tom Morante will share their insights and real world examples of how these trends are affecting companies involved in global trade.


  • An inside-the-Beltway assessment of where the U.S. stands on Cuba sanctions and the recent Iran Accord, and how the Executive Branch may implement these changes.
  • How the new forms of limited sanctions, such as Russian sectoral sanction, and the proposed limited sanctions on Iranian banks affect risk assessment.
  • How to prepare your compliance team as sanctions are lifted.
  • Why the new normal of third party compliance (particularly in the financial services sector) is critical to any risk assessment.
  • What level of due diligence is "enough" in assessing transactions in sanctioned countries or with entities subject to limited sanctions?

View the post-event program resources, including a recording and webcast slides.

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