2016 FIBA Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Conference

March 7-9, 2016
Intercontinental Hotel
100 Chopin Plaza
Miami, FL 33131

Financial Services Attorneys Andy Fernandez and Gabriel Caballero will be speaking at the 16th annual FIBA Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Conference. Their speaking times are as follows:

FATCA and the Common Reporting Standards

A panel discussion on recent developments relating to FATCA, the Common Reporting Standard and current international tax enforcement.

Breakout Session 1B on March 8 at 9:40 – 10:55 a.m.

Richard Kando, Moderator  |  Navigant
Gabe Caballero  |  Holland & Knight
Michael Plowgian  |  KPMG
Kelli Wooten  |  Markit | CTI Tax Solutions
Don Fort  |  IRS

Ask the U.S. Regulators and Policy Makers

What questions would you like answered by your federal, functional or local regulators? Learn what's on your supervisors' radar and pose your questions in this open, collaborative dialogue.

General Session on March 8 at 3:25 – 4:40 p.m.

Andy Fernandez, Moderator  |  Holland & Knight
Debra L. Novak  |  FDIC
Andrea Sharrin  |  FinCEN
Koko Ives  |  Board of the Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Sarah D. Green  |  FINRA
Michael Dondarski  |  OFAC
Spencer Doak  |  OCC

Sanctions Compliance

What do the recent agreement with Iran and relaxation of Cuban sanctions mean to the financial services industry?

Breakout Session 5A on March 9 at 11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Andy Fernandez  |  Holland & Knight
Adam Mansour  |  First National Bank, Beirut
Michael Dondarski  |  OFAC
Lorraine Lawlor  |  Wells Fargo Bank N.A.
Daniel Wager  |  Duff and Phelps

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