"Hi, I Just Moved To The US, Can You Help Me With My US Tax Planning?"

Florida Bar 36th Annual International Tax Conference
January 12, 2018
10:30 AM - 11:20 AM ET
JW Marriott Miami
1109 Brickell Avenue
Miami, FL 33131

Holland & Knight attorneys Sean Tevel and Stewart Kasner will speak at the Florida Bar 36th Annual International Tax Conference. The presentation will cover the options available to non-U.S. persons who have recently moved themselves and/or their families to the U.S. without seeking any advance U.S. tax planning advice. Mr. Tevel and Mr. Kasner will cover additional topics such as:

  • U.S. federal income
  • gift and estate tax issues and considerations
  • the impact of holding various U.S. immigrant and non-immigrant visas

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