ITAM - 2nd Forum: Signature and Electronic Contracts

October 9, 2018
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM CT
Raúl Baillères Auditorium ITAM
1 Hondo River
Mexico City

Attorneys Aldo González and Juan Pablo Moyano will be panelists at the ITAM 2nd Forum: Signature and Electronic Contracts to discuss the legal basis of electronic signatures in Mexico especially for companies who are in the process of a digital transformation. The forum aims to inform lawyers on the regulations and legal implications from using electronic forms and signatures.

Mr. González will offer a brief presentation to establish why the contracts and the electronic signatures are valid in accordance with Mexican law, and will discuss uses and practice in the execution of commercial transactions electronically and digitally documented.

Mr. Moyano will offer a general overview on how to bring a legal action before a court or arbitral tribunal using an electronic or digital contract as the base document of the claim. He will also set forth the requirements to file a claim before a Mexican court based on a contract or electronic signature. Juan Pablo will share his presentation with a Judicial expert and a civil judge from Mexico City.

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