HNBA Corporate Counsel Conference

March 20-23, 2019
Albuquerque Convention Center
401 2nd St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Holland & Knight attorneys will be speaking at the HNBA Corporate Counsel Conference. The event provides a unique setting for Corporate America and the HNBA to connect, offering opportunities for outside counsel to meet representatives from numerous Fortune 500 Companies.

Partners Annie Gamez and Jose Sierra will be participating in a interactive workshop panel titled "Advocacy & Litigation Track - Panel #2: Masterclass: The Art of Storytelling - Chapter 2." The panel will discuss the importance of developing a theme or story for each case. Ms. Gamez and Mr. Sierra will focus on the story-building strategies from the beginning to the end of litigation. Ms. Gamez and Mr. Sierra will also discuss successful story-telling techniques and assist participants in developing their own narrative strategies to ensure positive outcomes for their clients.

Partner Daniel Mateo will be moderating a panel titled "Sink or Swim: Public Interest/Government Waters Track - Panel #2: Rights In Conflict: Religious Freedom v. Anti-Discrimination." Mr. Mateo will be discussing how if exemptions are made available for specific individuals under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, then what principles would exemption claims based on beliefs about race and gender be determined. The panel will deliberate on how government institutions and the courts balance which rights and beliefs take precedence.

Partner Joaquin Alemany will be participating in a panel titled "Better Safe Than Sorry: How Lawyers Can Avoid Being Sued." Mr. Alemany and his co-panelists will discuss daily practice and risk-prevention techniques to help reduce the possibility of malpractice claims from being filed. The session will provide new insight for experienced attorneys and teach fundamental skills for new attorneys.

Partner Frances Guasch De La Guardia will be participating in a panel titled "Amicus Briefs: Influence and Impact" which will address the record number of Supreme Court briefs filed in the last decade. Ms. De La Guardia and her co-panelist will discuss amicus briefs in key civil rights cases, the impact amicus strategies are having on matters argued before the Supreme Court and how the makeup of the Supreme Court could affect legal advocacy in the near future.

Partner Wifredo Ferrer will be participating in a panel titled "Cultural Competence in a Global Society" which will explore how Latinx lawyers can use their multicultural competencies to their advantage, leading to successful navigation of global society for practical solutions. Mr. Ferrer and his co-panelists will discuss strategies for navigating one's legal career using collaborative efforts to become an effective advocate and colleague.

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