HR Toolkit Series - Part 3: HR Compliance Strategies for Your Multistate Workforce

Holland & Knight Webinar
HR Compliance Strategies for Your Multistate Workforce
September 15, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET
Join Holland & Knight's Labor, Employment and Benefits Group as our four-part HR Toolkit Series continues. Many employers maintain multistate operations, and with the recent (and seemingly enduring) increase in remote work, multistate employment law compliance is more important and more challenging than ever. Attorneys Kara Ariail and Lauren Becker will provide an overview of key considerations for ensuring compliance and practical strategies for navigating this confusing and rapidly evolving landscape, including:
  • employment law and HR subject matter areas that are typically subject to state law
  • practical recommendations for bringing your organization into compliance with applicable state law
  • resources for tracking state law developments to ensure compliance going forward
  • strategies for remediating instances of state law non-compliance
  • unique compliance considerations for remote work employees
  • how and when to involve legal counsel in a protective but cost-efficient manner

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