Crypto - An Update on Federal and State Tax Rules, Compliance and Planning

STEP Mid Atlantic
January 19, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET

Private Wealth Services attorney Matt Kirk will be presenting in a webinar discussing regulatory and enforcement topics involving crypto. The webinar will focus on updates related to digital assets, including how to protect private keys and transferring keys to fiduciary, U.S. estate and gift tax rules, and how to know when crypto losses are deductible. This virtual event is organized by STEP Mid Atlantic.

Topics covered include:

  • U.S. federal income tax rules
  • reporting on federal income tax returns
  • state income tax developments
  • planning to comply with reporting rules
  • possible federal income tax revisions
  • how digital assets fit into private wealth succession planning
  • fiduciary selection: practical and logistical assets
  • cross-border planning considerations

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