Receiverships and Class Actions

A Receivership is a process whereby an independent Receiver is appointed by the Court and is charged with preserving and liquidating the assets of the Defendants and the Relief Defendants. The Receiver also analyzes the claims against those assets. Thompson & Knight attorneys have been appointed as Receiver and represent the Receiver in several high-profile Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforcement actions, such as SEC v. Millennium Bank, et al.; SEC v. Thurman P. Bryant, III, et al.SEC v. Stanford International Bank Ltd., Robert Allen Stanford, et al.; and SEC v. Provident Capital Indemnity, Ltd., Minor Vargas Calvo, Jorge L. Castillo, and Desarrollos Comerciales Ronim, S.A.

Holland & Knight maintains websites for investors and the public in regard to the Millennium Bank Receivership, the Thurman P. Bryant, III and Bryant United Capital Funding Receivership as well as the South Aviation, Inc. Receivership. Please click on the following links for more information:

Millennium Bank Receivership

Thurman P. Bryant, III and Bryant United Capital Funding Receivership

South Aviation, Inc. Receivership Class Action Lawsuit

These receivership websites will be the primary method of communication with investors and the public. They are revised as new information is obtained; therefore, we strongly encourage interested persons to check the websites frequently.