April 10, 2013

Inside Track with Broc: Tom Bentz on Latest D&O Insurance Developments 2013

D&O Insurance Partner Tom Bentz discuss the latest D&O Insurance trends on Inside Track with Broc, courtesy of TheCorporateCounsel.net.

Program Summary

As the questions mount regarding director and officer liability, companies - as well as those covered - are taking a second look at their D&O insurance policies. With D&O carriers sometimes looking to amend policies - and more lawsuits naming directors and officers being filed - the playing field for D&O insurance is becoming increasingly complicated.


  • Tom Bentz, Partner, Holland & Knight LLP
  • Peter Critchell, Assistant Vice President - Directors & Officers, AIG Property Casualty
  • Heather Fox, General Counsel, ARC Excess & Surplus
  • Thomas McCormack, US Claims Officer - Directors & Officers, AIG Property Casualty

Program Topics

  • What questions should you ask when renegotiating a D&O insurance policy?
  • What negotiation tactics are more likely to work in a seller's - or buyer's - market?
  • What type of due diligence is now required before a director/officer is recruited and covered by insurance?
  • How do the courts and other authorities view indemnification these days? Does this impact the type of indemnification provisions companies are adopting?
  • What can a company do to avoid having its policy rescinded? How can a company ensure it does not cover a director/officer that doesn't deserve to be covered?

Duration: 54 minutes

Transcript from Latest D&O Insurance Developments

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