March 17, 2015

"The Jinx" Controversy

New England Cable News

Robert Durst, a New York City multimillionaire real estate heir who admitted to shooting and dismembering his neighbor but was acquitted of murder, and was also suspected in his first wife's disappearance, was arrested recently in New Orleans on a separate first-degree murder charge. He is accused in the killing of Susan Berman, a friend who was killed before she planned to speak to investigators about his wife's case. Mr. Durst's arrest came a day before the final episode of a documentary featuring him aired on HBO, and in which he confesses he "killed them all" in the final minutes of the episode.

Attorney Dan Small talks to New England Cable News about the controversial case. Regarding the validity of the on-air murder confession, Mr. Small said, "Well, it's great evidence. The first question is, 'Is it admissible?' And I think it's going to be admissible." He adds that this was not a secret recording, and Mr. Durst knew he was still wearing a wire when he went to the restroom.

He has very good defense lawyers, Mr. Small said, and they'll try to say he was just mumbling something in "The Jinx" documentary, "but as I listen to it, it's very clear. The context is clear. He's just been confronted with evidence of one of the murders. And he goes into the bathroom and it sounds like a confession."

Duration: 10:42

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