April 26, 2018

Should The U.S. Relax Foreign Ownership Rules For Domestic Airlines?


At CAPA's 2018 Americas Aviation Summit in Houston, Aviation attorney Anita Mosner moderated panel on rethinking United States foreign ownership rules for domestic airlines.

The U.S. applies one of the most restrictive regimes for foreign ownership of airlines of any developed country. While there is a great deal of rhetoric surrounding the reasons for this, there has not been a great deal of empirical evidence that it is in the national interest – or even that of the incumbent domestic airlines themselves. One argument sometimes raised is that in times of strategic emergency a largely foreign owned airline might not be available for national uplift. The panel addressed these concerns and compared foreign ownership rules of the U.S. with other countries, discussed the benefits of higher limits in the market and considered the advantages and disadvantages of more relaxed rules.

Duration: 53:10

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