March 21, 2019

NTSB Investigations and Autonomous Transportation

Holland & Knight Webinar

Attorneys Joel Roberson, Gary Halbert and Jamie Rodriguez discuss the ripple effects that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has on the development of autonomous vehicles in all modes of transportation during their "The Role of NTSB Investigations in the Development of Autonomous Transportation" webinar.

Topics include:

  • the NTSB's handling of issues related to driver or pilot assistive technologies, such as fully or partially automated aircraft, passenger vehicles, trucks, drones, locomotives and ships
  • how NTSB accident investigations provide safety lessons from which current developers and users of automated transportation can learn
  • how past investigations provide insight on the focus of future NTSB investigations
  • steps that companies developing autonomous transportation can take to best position themselves in the case of an accident and subsequent NTSB investigation

Duration: 1 hour

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