August 6, 2019

Podcast: Three Witness Excuses to Avoiding Preparing

Powerful Witness Prep Podcast Series

In the fourth episode of his "Powerful Witness Preparation" podcast series, litigation attorney Dan Small shares the three most common reasons why clients think they don't need to prepare for courtroom testimony. 

Along with examining the following three excuses, he offers tips for how counsel can respond and effectively prepare clients. 

  1. “I’ll just tell my story.” – Witnesses are tempted to think they will just tell their story, but they are unprepared for the lifetime of education and training the questioner brings to the table and the microscope that is placed upon them.
  2. “It’s too expensive.” – Being a witness can cost time and money, but inadequate preparation can lead to poor testimony, which is far more costly to the case.
  3. “I didn’t do anything wrong.” – Witnesses often mistakenly believe they only need a lawyer if they have done something wrong, but an unprepared witness may unintentionally give testimony that creates new or additional problems for the case.

Mr. Small goes into detail on how to combat these misconceived notions and shares tools that have helped him in the past when convincing clients that thorough witness preparation is key.

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