April 21, 2020

Podcast: Bridging the Gap

Powerful Witness Prep Podcast Series
In the latest episode of his "Powerful Witness Preparation" podcast series, Bridging the Gap, litigation attorney Dan Small shares how to overcome the difficulties of bridging the gap between normal conversation and communicating in a witness environment. He explains that while normal conversation is very easy and natural, communicating as a witness can be very difficult and unnatural.

One of the main differences in these two types of communication is the role questions play in each environment. Questions in a conversation are not really questions, but instead are prompts to move the conversation in a general direction and keep it flowing. Questions in a witness environment are really questions. Each word is important and every assumption and misunderstanding is an integral part.

Understanding the gap between ‘conversational prompts’ and ‘precise inquiries’ is essential when preparing to be a witness. The gap raises a very real challenge to counsel -- how to help a witness understand the differences between these two types of communication.

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