June 25, 2020

Using Radical Candor to Improve DEI Conversations

Radically Candid Conversations

Diversity Partner Tiffani Lee was featured on the podcast "Radically Candid Conversations" with author Kim Scott discussing how and why practicing Radical Candor is important when addressing systemic racism. "Radical Candor," as defined in Ms. Scott's book of the same name, refers to a management philosophy based on caring personally while challenging directly — thinking of team members as whole persons with lives outside of work while giving and receiving feedback, making tough decisions and maintaining high standards. Ms. Lee previously published an article in Law360 calling for lawyers to address racial injustice with Radical Candor, and the podcast was based on points made in her article. Ms. Lee and Ms. Scott explored why having radically candid conversations in the workplace is so difficult, especially when it comes to topics like race that often elicit discomfort, and how those conversations can help create a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. They also talked about how to foster a more diverse and inclusive legal industry as well as what other industries can learn from attorneys and firms working to do so.

Duration: 59:04

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