June 3, 2020

Lawyers Must Address Racial Injustice With Radical Candor

Tiffani G. Lee

In a Law360 article, Partner Tiffani Lee wrote that lawyers and law firms must address racial injustice. She articulates that now is the time for radical candor and bitter truth. The killings of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police and Breonna Taylor by the Louisville Metro Police indicate that America still has not dealt with its issues of race and racism. These police killings of black people make clear that the "vestiges of racism in America" are not vestiges at all; rather, racism is a pervasive, present-day reality. Ms. Lee explains that moments like this create a tremendous opportunity for lawyers and the legal profession. As the guardians of justice, bar licenses give lawyers a monopoly but also create an obligation to "do good" and work for the greater good.

READ: Lawyers Must Address Racial Injustice With Radical Candor

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