July 8, 2024

2024 Disability Pride Month

Join Holland & Knight in commemorating Disability Pride Month, dedicated to honoring the diverse experiences and extraordinary talents of individuals with disabilities. This initiative highlights the fundamental belief that every person, regardless of ability, deserves to be valued, respected and fully included in every facet of life.

Our DiverseAbility Affinity Group plays a pivotal role in our commitment to supporting and promoting the professional and personal development of our attorneys and staff affected by physical and mental disabilities. We strive to enhance their career growth, retention and overall well-being, fostering a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

As we mark Disability Pride Month, we stand in solidarity with individuals with disabilities, amplifying their voices and advocating for an inclusive world where everyone is embraced and empowered. Join us in championing diversity, advocating for accessibility and working toward a more inclusive future for all.

Holland & Knight is proud to celebrate Disability Pride Month — a time to celebrate the diverse experiences and talents of those with disabilities. This month is a reminder that every individual, regardless of ability, should be valued, respected and included in all aspects of life.

Our DiverseAbility Affinity Group supports and promotes the firm's attorneys and staff affected by physical and mental disabilities. The group aims to enhance the professional, personal and career development of our colleagues affected by disabilities. It encourages the retention and promotion of our colleagues with disabilities and promotes the recruitment and hiring of talented attorneys and staff with disabilities. The group also provides support to our colleagues who take care of disabled family members living at home.

As we celebrate Disability Pride Month, let's stand in solidarity with those with disabilities, amplify their voices and work toward creating a more inclusive and accessible world for everyone. Let's unite in embracing each person's unique abilities, working towards a world where inclusion is at the core of everything we do. Join us in embracing diversity, promoting accessibility and advocating for a world where everyone is included.

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