July 19, 2001

Trademark Protection in the New ".biz" and ".info" Domains

Holland & Knight Newsletter
Paul F. Kilmer


In our IP Alert of June 4, 2001, we reported that trademark owners could take advantage of preventative measures to avoid cybersquatting in relation to the new ".biz" and ".info" top level domain names. In relation to the ".biz" domains, the pre-registration process is referred to as filing an IP Claim, which may be followed at a later time by actual domain name registration. In relation to ".info" domains, there is a "Sunrise" registration period reserved to owners of trademarks registered before October 2, 2000.

Although the processes for IP Claims and Sunrise filings remain the same as reported in our June 4th Alert, critical dates have changed, as follows:








May 21 – August 6


IP Claims may be submitted



June 25 – Sept. 17


Applications for ".biz" names accepted



Sept. 26 – Sept. 30


".biz" names randomly assigned



October 1


".biz" domain names become active unless subject to an IP Claim dispute



Oct. 1 – Oct. 30


IP Claimants have 20 days to settle or bring action against possible cybersquatters










July 25 – Aug. 27


Trademark owners as of Oct. 2, 2000 may pre-register



Aug. 28 – Sept. 11


Quiet period



120 days beginning Aug. 28


Challenges to Sunrise registrations are heard



Sept. 12 – TBD


General registration on a randomized, round robin basis





General registration on a first-come first-served basis


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