April 1, 2008

Georgia Lawyer Legacies

Georgia Bar Journal
Robert S. Highsmith Jr.

With a Bar membership as diverse as Georgia’s—where people relocate to our cities from the other 49 states and countries as far away as China—it may be easy to forget that for a number of Georgia lawyers, the roots of their legal careers run deep. For some, they are but the second generation: the beginning of a legal legacy that may stretch for generations to come. Others, however, can find their last names in Georgia Bar Association rosters from before the Civil War.

The following article features the Highsmith family.

READ: Georgia Lawyer Legacies

Reprinted with permission from the Georgia Bar Journal, Volume 13, Number 6, April 2008. Copyright State Bar of Georgia. Statements expressed within this article should not be considered endorsements of products or procedures by the State Bar of Georgia.

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