December 1, 2009

Navigating Regulatory Issues of Social Media in Healthcare

Michael R. Manthei

Health Law & Life Sciences Partner Michael Manthei co-authored a white paper titled "Navigating Regulatory Issues of Social Media in Healthcare."

Healthcare companies are in a difficult position. While people are using the Internet and social media at an ever-increasing rate, the multiple legal and regulatory schemes potentially applicable to healthcare companies create conflicting guidance for marketing and communications. Unfortunately, the FDA's guidance to date has not resolved most of the outstanding questions. As such, many healthcare companies are reticent to use these technologies because of the uncertainty and the risk involved.

To help healthcare companies explore and evaluate social media as a marketing tool, this paper will:

  • Discuss the current legal and regulatory structure
  • Outline the conflict in current legal frameworks and the FDA's recent hearings
  • Provide an overview of key considerations and policies for healthcare companies using social media

To read the full white paper, please visit the link below.

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