May 7, 2010

The Endangered Species Deskbook: A Guide To Endangered Species Law, Second Edition

Environmental Law Institute
Rafe Petersen | Dennis Russell Hughes
Environment and Public Policy & Regulation Partners Lawrence Liebesman and Rafe Petersen authored an Environmental Law Institute (ELI) book titled, The Endangered Species Deskbook, Second Edition.

The Endangered Species Act, passed in 1973, requires all federal departments and agencies to conserve endangered and threatened species by utilizing their authorities in furtherance of the Act's purposes. Because the ESA takes a broad approach to species protection, it has had major impacts, especially on private property rights and economic development. It has also been a lightning rod for debate over human impacts on the biodiversity of the U.S. ecosystem. More recently, the effects of climate change on imperiled species have become hotly contested as Congress considers legislation intended to combat global warming.

The Endangered Species Deskbook, Second Edition provides a comprehensive reference to the ESA. This new edition of the Deskbook updates the previous edition's discussion of the law by adding a new chapter on climate change and addressing the latest ESA-related developments, such as the listing of the polar bear under the ESA. This second edition also includes appendixes that detail key laws, policies, regulations, and contact information for easy reference.

By explaining the ESA's complicated history and implementation—along with ensuing agency regulations and court decisions—the Deskbook provides a practical guide for interpreting the Act. It is particularly valuable in outlining the steps that are needed for compliance with ESA and agency regulations. Like its predecessor, this new edition offers a wealth of information for practitioners, policy makers, and all citizens interested in the issues surrounding species conservation.

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