Spring 2011

Data Privacy for Religious Institutions

NACBA Ledger
Nathan A. Adams IV

Religious Institutions Chair Nathan Adams and Partner Shannon Hartsfield authored an article for the NACBA Ledger titled "Data Privacy for Religious Institutions."

Although churches and other religious institutions rarely think about data privacy, people entrust some of their most confidential information to the clergy and other staff members of these institutions. The article reports that data privacy is a concern for secular and religious institutions alike and likely to become even more critical and complex with the progress of the digital revolution. According to Mr. Adams and Ms. Hartsfield, not all data privacy statues are applicable to religious institutions, but the standards that they set are indirectly applicable under the common law. In the article, Ms. Hartsfield and Mr. Adams advise institutions on how to be prepared to handle data breaches and ensure confidential information is protected.

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