May 27, 2015

Florida Legislature Enacts The Computer Abuse and Data Recovery Act (CADRA)

Holland & Knight Privacy Blog
Martin J. Alexander

The Computer Abuse and Data Recovery Act (CADRA), Sections 608.801- 668.805, Florida Statutes, was signed into law on May 14, 2015. The legislation, which will be effective on October 1, 2015, is intended to provide a new remedy to business owners who suffer harm or loss due to unauthorized access to their computers or to information stored on their computers. Fla. Stat. §608.801.

CADRA contains definitions of "authorized user," "business," "computer," "harm," "loss," "protected computer," "technological access barrier," "traffic" and "without authorization". Fla. Stat. §608.802. Prohibited acts under CADRA include obtaining information on a protected computer without authorization; causing harm by transmitting a program, code or command to a protected computer without authorization, or trafficking in technological access barriers through which access to a protected computer may be obtained without authorization. Fla. Stat. §608.803. CADRA provides monetary and equitable remedies, and for the recovery of reasonable attorney fees. Fla. Stat. §608.804. Lastly, CADRA contains exclusions to its applicability. Fla. Stat. §608.805. Read a copy of CADRA as forwarded from the legislature to the governor.

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