A Buyer's Guide to Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage, 2nd Edition

Thomas H. Bentz Jr.

Holland & Knight is pleased to announce the publication of A Buyer's Guide to Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage, 2nd Edition. In the 100-page booklet, author Thomas H. Bentz Jr., a partner at Holland & Knight and leader of the firm's D&O and Management Liability Insurance Team, provides a comprehensive review of cyber liability insurance and offers practical, easy-to-understand tips on how to obtain broad insurance protection. This highly informative booklet outlines key provisions that need to be negotiated in a cyber liability insurance policy and provides advice on claims handling to maximize a potential insurance recovery.


  • Overview of a Typical Cyber Liability Insurance Policy
  • Typical Structure for a Cyber Insurance Program
  • Unique Coverage Issues for Cyber Insurance
  • Key Provisions to Negotiate in a Cyber Liability Policy
  • Selecting the Right Policy Limit, Retention and Insurer
  • Claims Handling
  • Supplementing Insurance Coverage with Breach Preparedness

Holland & Knight is pleased to offer two complimentary versions of the book. View an electronic version or the hard copy booklet.

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