September 2018

Tax Problems for Dual Passport Holders and 'Accidental Americans'

The Cayman Islands Journal
Andrea Darling de Cortes | Chad M. Vanderhoef

Partner Andrea Darling de Cortes and Associate Chad M. Vanderhoef wrote an article for The Cayman Islands Journal discussing the tax requirements for U.S. citizens and tax residents who are living outside the U.S.

Many individuals living outside the United States have become non-compliant with their taxation and income reports, as they either do not realize they are a U.S. citizen or that they are required to continue reporting their income. Ms. Darling de Cortes and Mr. Vanderhoef discuss what forms these individuals should file, how to fix your noncompliance and what renouncing ones' citizenship means.

READ: Tax Problems for Dual Passport Holders and 'Accidental Americans' 

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