June 15, 2022

Judgment on Vacant Lots and Legal Insecurity

Asuntos Legales
Esteban Garcia Jimeno

Real Estate attorney Esteban García published a column in Asuntos Legales about the delay in carrying out a review of the current structure of rural property in Colombia. The recent lack of clarity in the assignment of property rights, the disparity of criteria in the application of the different legal regimes, as well as the argumentative reductionism that usually accompanies the speech of agrarian development, have led the country to a degree of legal insecurity that affects the development of projects that could help to overcome social and environmental problems in rural areas. Moreover, it has prevented the farmers themselves from being able to effectively implement their projects. Mr. García explains some of the inconsistencies and obstacles in the Colombian legal system regarding rural property, and offers his own analysis on the topic.

READ: Judgment on Vacant Lots and Legal Insecurity

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