May 10, 2023

Holland & Knight Data Privacy and Security Report: April 2023

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Marissa C. Serafino | Christopher DeLacy | Joel E. Roberson | Greg M. Louer | Misha Lehrer

Welcome to Holland & Knight's monthly data privacy and security news update that includes the latest in policy, regulatory updates and other significant developments. If you see anything in this report that you would like additional information on, please reach out to authors or members of Holland & Knight's Data Strategy, Security & Privacy Team.

Legislative Updates

  • The Growing State Privacy Law Patchwork and the Potential Impact on a National Privacy Standard
  • House Energy and Commerce Continues Oversight Focus on Data Privacy
  • Senators Introduce Legislation Focused on Kids' Safety Online
  • Democrats Urge Administration to Confront the Influence of Big Tech During U.S. Trade Negotiations
  • TikTok Remains Top of Mind for Some Lawmakers
  • Congress Requests Briefing with CFPB Following Data Breach of 250,000 Consumers

Executive and Departmental Updates

  • Biden Administration Releases Joint Statement on AI
  • HHS Issues Proposed Rulemaking on HIPAA Reproductive Healthcare Privacy
  • DOJ Prepares for Data Flow Deal with the EU Despite Delays
  • ONC Proposes Updates to Information Blocking Regulations
  • DIA Publishes RFI for AI Technical Assistance, IT Support

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