February 8, 2024

Double Shot Thursday: “The More Things Change” and “Of Puppets and Standing”

Drug & Device Law
Eric L. Alexander

Litigation attorney Eric Alexander authored an article featured in Drug & Device Law discussing two recent court decisions related to product liability lawsuits: one involving pelvic mesh litigation that has been ongoing for more than a decade, and another involving a lawsuit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over COVID-19 vaccine authorizations. This article notes some common themes between the cases, including that certain litigation seems to continue for longer than expected as different plaintiffs try similar approaches, and that even established legal principles can shift over time, leading to changing outcomes. It also highlights some humorous aspects of the COVID-19 vaccine case where the court discusses injuries relating to the Sesame Street character Elmo, as well as the importance of maintaining strict constitutional standing requirements in product liability cases.

READ: Double Shot Thursday: “The More Things Change” and “Of Puppets and Standing”

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