May 2024

Trade Finance on the Blockchain: 2024 Update

Lending & Secured Finance 2024, International Comparative Legal Guides (ICLG)
Josias N. Dewey | Samir Suresh Patel

Finance and innovation attorneys Josias Dewey and Samir Patel co-authored the blockchain and trade finance section of the International Comparative Legal Guides' (ICLG) Lending & Secured Finance 2024 guide. The publication, now in its 12th edition, provides a comprehensive overview of lending and secured finance laws and regulations throughout the globe, with 35 jurisdiction-specific chapters. Mr. Dewey and Mr. Patel's chapter takes a closer look at how the global trade engine has become digitized, focusing on the advent of blockchain technology, stablecoins and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). They also forecast the future of trade finance based on other emerging technologies, highlighting how policymakers worldwide can implement rules and regulations to foster innovation, accommodate advances and increase economic growth.

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