June 2024

Ship Finance: USA

Lexology Panoramic: Ship Finance 2024
Richard B. Furey | Jovi Tenev | Richard A. Crowley | Jonathan M. Epstein | Michael J. Frevola | Gerald A. Morrissey III | Barbra R. Parlin

Transportation & Infrastructure attorneys Richard Furey, Jovi Tenev, Richard Crowley, Jonathan Epstein, Michael Frevola, Gerald Morrissey and Barbra Parlin contributed to the USA chapter of Lexology Panoramic: Ship Finance 2024. The publication offers a guide to ship financing laws around the world, serving as a resource for external counsel, in-house attorneys and other legal professionals. In their chapter, the authors take a deep dive into due diligence, repayment, vessel registration, ship mortgages and liens, collateral, tax considerations for vessel owners, and insolvency and restructuring. They answer questions ranging from how to demonstrate legal ownership of a vessel to whether income earned by vessel owners is subject to domestic taxation to what types of ship mortgages exist and what obligations a ship mortgage can secure. The chapter concludes with brief analysis of the U.S. government's due diligence expectations regarding sanctions on exports of Russian oil products.

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