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December 19, 2007

With Lights and Cameras, Lawyers See Ways to Cultivate Action

Chicago Lawyer

Chicago entertainment lawyer Robert Labate offers insight into Chicago's booming film and television production industry in this Chicago Lawyer article.

Labate addresses the growth of the local industry: "The work is here, you just have to get and have enough experience to respond quickly enough... the market has grown tremendously, and it is going to continue to grow."

He also discusses the impact of digital media: "Digital media is where the action is. You have to look beyond [feature] films. If you're looking into the future and where people are going, there's so much more than just a theatrical release."

As co-chair of the Chicago Bar Association (CBA) Media & Entertainment Committee, Labate describes a program that brings together senior film students from Columbia College with both seasoned and aspiring lawyers from the CBA and Lawyers for the Creative Arts, a pro bono organization.

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