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December 30, 2009

New Contenders: Retail condos take on traditional net lease investments'
Real Estate Partner Janis Schiff was quoted in the article "New Contenders: Retail condos take on traditional net lease investments" published on December 30 at

The article discusses the advantages of net lease retail condos. These are condos often placed in dense urban areas with high foot traffic and in developments that also include rental apartments, retail spaces, offices and hotels. Retail condos differ from mixed-use projects in the way that ownership structure is set up, with developers implementing a condo regime in their projects and selling to buyers who plan to occupy the space.

“For net lease investors who don’t want to own a property in the middle of nowhere and prefer a sure thing in terms of traffic and density, retail condos are an option,” Ms. Schiff said.

However, she also warns that investors must acknowledge that they own part of the building and the entire project may have issues or expenses in addition to the retail condo. Also, investors have to deal with condo associations, an added complication that many net lease investors actively avoid.

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