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September 16, 2015

Jennifer Hernandez: SB 743 Risks More CEQA Abuse

The Planning Report

The transition from using Level of Service to Vehicle Miles Traveled when measuring traffic-related impacts under the California Environmental Quality Act, as a result of SB 743, has both supporters and critics. As a critic of the bill, Environment Partner Jennifer Hernandez has argued that the implementation of SB 743 should be delayed. In this extensive Q&A interview, she discusses her current views on the topic and the implications it holds.

"SB 743 was crafted around creating quite substantial relief from CEQA for the Kings arena—preventing the court from stopping the project or vacating project approvals unless a high bar was met, like public health problems. SB 743 was what I call a “buddy bill,” when folks with political connections get CEQA exemptions."

READ: Jennifer Hernandez: SB 743 Risks More CEQA Abuse

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