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April 2018

Develop Plan, Raise Awareness to Prevent Sexual Harrassment on Campus

Student Affairs Today

An article written in Student Affairs Today summarizes Partners Katrina Chapman and Joshua Bosin's presentation at the 39th Annual National Conference on Law & High Education, which was held at Stetson University in February 2018. Ms. Chapman and Mr. Bosin provided recommendations for institutions and student affairs administrators on how to properly handle sexual misconduct and raise awareness on campuses.

Ms. Chapman noted that she has seen more schools taking these matters “very, very seriously,” by investigating, offering counseling or other measures and implementing restorative justice models.

"To limit liability, institutions must be able to prove they demonstrated prompt, effective, remedial action, such as having and following policies and investigating complaints," advised Mr. Bosin.

READ: Develop Plan, Raise Awareness to Prevent Sexual Harassment on Campus

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