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June 10, 2019

Aretha Franklin's Wills: Could They Ruin Her Legacy?


Private Wealth Services Attorney Vivian Thoreen discussed the discovery of three wills allegedly for the late Aretha Franklin have been found and what that means for her four sons. Ms. Thoreen stated how common it is for unofficial wills to be found in individuals' homes.

“[Unofficial wills] are pretty darn common. They happen regularly, frequently, it’s not unusual and there are even statutes that provide for their validity if they’re done in a certain way,” Ms. Thoreen said.

However, Ms. Thoreen does mention that finding these new documents, especially under a couch cushion, is a bit unusual. 

“They’re typically in a safe deposit box, an attorney’s office, somewhere fairly predictable with their other ‘official documents.’” says Ms. Thoreen.

Determining the validity of Ms. Franklin's will and estate comes down to her sons, if they do not all agree that one single will is legitimate, then litigation will begin to determine which document is the official will of the late singer and how her estate will be divided.

READ: Aretha Franklin's Wills: Could They Ruin Her Legacy?

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