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June 10, 2019

Huawei Orders Employees to Cancel Meetings with U.S. Contacts

Financial Times

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Attorney Eric Crusius spoke to the Financial Times on Huawei’s decision to cancel technical meetings with the U.S. contacts as tension rises between the two parties. According to the article, American citizens that were working at Huawei’s headquarters were sent back to the U.S. two weeks ago. In addition, Huawei recently changed the way offices in the U.S. and China communicate with each other, requiring U.S. suppliers to seek government approvals to sell parts and components to the group.

Regarding the U.S. charges against the Chinese telecoms group involvement with corporate theft and violating sanctions Mr. Crusius states, “It doesn’t appear these measures address the issues the U.S. government has raised with them.”

“In some respects, separating the U.S. and Chinese operations could be seen as a good thing, since it isolates the U.S. business. But in another way, it could look as if Huawei is shutting itself off from the rest of the world, which would not be a good thing,” said Mr. Crusius. 

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