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April 6, 2020

Staying Open Puts Dealers at Risk for Police Action

Automotive News

Partner Stephen Dietrich spoke with Automotive News about the risks dealerships and dealers face ranging from fines, jail time and court orders to shut businesses if they defy stay-at-home or nonessential-business closure orders. Keeping a store open in defiance of orders that ban sales could lead to financial trouble and jail time, or even put dealer licenses in jeopardy. Mr. Dietrich said dealerships and dealers first would see an escalation of actions. But a dealer license could be lost in extreme circumstances and over time.

"If you got to that level that the state or local government was that angry with you and you just kept flaunting this law, would they shut you down under a public health issue, where they literally come and lock the doors?" Mr. Dietrich said. "And then you have a question, perhaps a longer-term question, of is that violation then going to affect your dealer license."

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