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May 15, 2020

Corona Leadership – Why a Female Management Style is Better in Crisis

Partner Meital Stavinsky was interviewed by Israeli newspaper Calcalist for an article exploring why the female leadership style may be more effective in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises. Countries like New Zealand, Germany and Taiwan all have gained attention for their early, swift responses to the pandemic and subsequent low case and death totals — and all are headed by women. The article describes how traits typically associated with women managers, such as empathy, compassion and collaboration, can help them be an anchor for employees. In doing so, they can establish feelings of stability and hope crucial to helping a company brave hard times. Ms. Stavinsky added that a lack of confidence, another characteristic associated with women managers and normally viewed as a disadvantage, could actually prove valuable, especially when managing a company during a time of crisis like the present.

"Women tend to be less confident than men. However, overconfidence at a time of crisis could lead to overlooking warning signs," she said. "Women managers would typically note such signs and reach decisions only after hearing more opinions and obtaining data that supports such decisions."

READ: Corona Leadership – Why a Female Management Style is Better in Crisis

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