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June 25, 2020

Push to Expand Doctors’ Legal Immunity for Virus Draws Ire

Bloomberg Law

Healthcare Partner Robert Bradner was quoted in a Bloomberg Law article about the American Medical Association's push for expanded liability protections for doctors who have had to delay care due to COVID-19. Doctors reopening practices following the COVID-19 slowdown are facing pent-up demand for elective procedures that were largely halted by states when the pandemic took off. As physicians start to greenlight the joint replacements, heart procedures and non-emergency surgeries that were postponed months earlier, the nation’s largest association of medical providers is pushing to make sure doctors aren’t held liable for any ill effects from the delayed care.

"The expanded protections make perfect sense," said Robert Bradner. He said it would be unreasonable to hold doctors liable for delaying care if it was “believed to be the best possible thing to do under the circumstances.”

READ: Push to Expand Doctors’ Legal Immunity for Virus Draws Ire

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