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October 18, 2020

Soto Norte Archive: 'Bad Signal for Investors'


Energy and Natural Resources Attorney Inés Elvira Vesga was interviewed for an article published in Portafolio titled "Soto Norte Archive: 'Bad Signal for Investors.'" In this article, she points out that the decision from the National Authority on Environmental Licenses (ANLA) to shelve the environmental license application from the Soto Norte gold project does not mean the end of the mining initiative.

"It is not true, as has been said, that the Soto Norte project is definitively shelved or that this decision corresponds to a government directive to prohibit the project in general," she explained. "On the contrary, the Ministry of Mines and Energy has referred to this initiative as strategic for the country's mining development, so that the Minesa company will be able to request again from ANLA the evaluation of the same with an adjusted EIA."

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